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Police officers rely on a wide range of law enforcement equipment to effectively do their jobs day to day, including police lockers and lockboxes. Aside from firearms and tactical gear, officers must know the proper procedures for cases involving evidence (seized narcotics, clothing, etc.), safety equipment and other law enforcement items with unique secure storage requirements. 

Police departments – and often military bases – need to ensure the security, safety, reliability and accountability of every gun, communication device and piece of evidence that comes through their front door. That’s where police security lockers and gun lockboxes come into the picture. Law enforcement agencies and military establishments can effectively utilize police lockers to manage risky assets and maintain proper oversight over all items of interest. 

Police lockers, when appropriately used, keep law enforcement items locked up and ensure every department, agency or base can maintain a high level of accountability and security. Here are four ways your facility or base can effectively use law enforcement lockers during normal day-to-day operations.

1. Police Lockers Are Ideal for Storing Electronic Gear

Many law enforcement officers and military members heavily rely on electronic gear when in the field. These law enforcement items are of critical importance. Electronic gear can help relay communication from person to person in the event of an emergency or serve as a way to protect an officer in risky situations. Security lockers are the first place an officer visits at the start of their shift, so having their electronic equipment charged and ready for the field means they can get to work and be out on the streets in a matter of minutes. 

Electronic equipment is a catch-all term covering a wide range of law enforcement items. Some of the most important items to store in a police locker include two-way radios, body cameras, dash cams and other forms of digital evidence. 

2. Police Gun Lockers Simplify Storing Firearms

Both military members and police understand the importance of lockboxes for guns when in the home – that same cautious approach to firearms should always be taken in any police or military facility. Among the gear officers need to carry daily, their guns are typically their highest priority. As such, to accommodate the wide range of firearms they carry, officers are required to secure their rifles, pistols and more in specially designed law enforcement gun lockers when not in use.

Police lockboxes for guns come complete with fully padded interior shelves to maintain the integrity of the firearm at all times. Officers know that if their firearm is damaged, it can be the difference between life or death at a critical moment. Police lockboxes for guns also come in sizes of all types to fit any department’s needs. In-wall and on-desk-mounted options save on space and provide quick, easy access when needed. Free-standing gun lockers for law enforcement are also available.     

Gun lockers for law enforcement officers need to be secure, adaptable to a wide range of firearms and easy to access in an emergency. As such, they are some of the most critical law enforcement items any department can have.

3. Police Evidence Lockers Offer Investigation Protection

Police evidence can be the biggest storage challenge for any department – especially considering how much it can differ from case to case. Evidence can arrive for processing at any time, day or night. Until a property room employee receives it, departments need a temporary secure storage solution that can guarantee the safety of all contents. A police evidence locker needs to be capable of storing anything, from narcotics and hazardous materials to clothing and things used in crimes. 

Safety and space are the two biggest concerns for storing evidence, but proper law enforcement evidence lockers are perfect for both. Like police gun lockers, a police evidence locker can accommodate items of all sizes. And, with secure storage solutions being a top priority, departments can rest easy knowing critical evidence for investigations is safely locked away behind durable, reliable locking doors.

4. Security Lockers Can Implement a Secure Chain of Custody

Authentic evidence is highly critical for investigations – officers cannot compromise its integrity or safety for fear that a criminal may get off on a technicality. Any department can easily establish a secure chain of custody with police lockers. Pass-through security lockers include doors on either side of the locker panel so officers can place evidence in the front while technicians open the back panel for retrieval. This system ensures a secure chain of custody is permanently established for critical evidence.

Find Police Gear Lockers, Security Lockers & Lockboxes at Tufloc

No matter the size or scope of your department, police lockers from Tufloc can help store all your gear safely. Our security lockers can be arranged and stacked in any configuration to fit your specific needs. And, with a durable, baked, powder-coated exterior, and a padded interior protected with top-of-the-line Modeco® cylinders, every critical piece of equipment or evidence is sure to remain safe, secure and in excellent condition.

If you have any questions about Tufloc law enforcement lockers and security lockboxes, please contact us for more details. Our expert team is standing by, ready to assist.

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