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Stolen guns are a growing issue in the United States. According to the ATF, more than 10,000 firearms were lost or stolen in 2021. When firearms are stolen from police vehicles, it’s an even more serious concern. Inconsistent and inadequate storage rules can put deadly firearms into the hands of criminals.

In this article, we will explore why police firearm theft is a problem, what happens if a cop loses his gun and how to prevent lost or stolen guns with the proper training, secure firearm products and procedures.

Why Police Firearm Theft Is a Major Problem

The service firearm is essential equipment for law enforcement officers – and comes with a high level of responsibility. Keeping a standard police issue gun secure is essential, especially in vehicles where firearms are especially vulnerable.

One study of more than 100 law enforcement agencies found at least 1,781 guns were reported lost or stolen in the decade between 2008 and 2017, with most of them never recovered. Nearly half of those stolen firearms were taken from vehicles.  

Some stolen police guns have ultimately been used to carry out crimes, including gang shootouts and attacks on police officers. These situations threaten the safety of the public and also harm the reputation of law enforcement agencies.

What Happens if a Cop Loses His Gun — or It Is Stolen?

When an officer loses their gun or it is stolen, besides the risks to the public safety and the community at large, there may be serious consequences for that officer. Officers can face penalties or punishments including:
  • Fines
  • Suspensions
  • Lawsuits
  • Criminal charges
Police Car Organizers

How to Prevent an Officer’s Gun From Being Lost or Stolen

There are several steps law enforcement agencies can take to secure guns and prevent them from being lost or stolen. Three of the easiest but most important steps are:

1. Training for Secure Police Firearms Storage

The first step to prevent lost and stolen guns is education and training. Everyone in your agency should be trained on the rules and regulations regarding how to handle and secure their firearm.

2. Secure Firearm Products for Vehicles

If your officers have secure firearm products for their vehicles, the likelihood of their guns being lost or stolen decreases. Too many officers leave their guns in a glove compartment or center console — or even leave them sitting in plain view. 

A heavy-duty locked box is the best option for officers to secure firearms in their vehicles. Tufloc has a wide range of police vehicle storage systems to help law enforcement protect their firearms. Options range from TufBox storage drawers to police vehicle gun racks, all featuring high-quality locks that keep your firearms secure while allowing for quick access emergency situations.

3. Chain of Custody

Chain of custody for your firearms is another important step to help prevent missing or stolen guns. Whether your department uses old-fashioned paper forms or more modern online management systems, having policies and procedures in place for tracking your officers’ firearms is essential. In the event of a missing firearm, you will have records showing who handled it last and where.

Prevent Lost or Stolen Guns With Tufloc

Tufloc is an industry leader in providing secure firearm products for military and law enforcement. Our professional products and high-security locks are precision crafted with safety and ease of use in mind. Shop Tufloc today and discover the difference.

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