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The AR-15 is one of the most popular guns on the market. If you’ve recently purchased one, or are thinking about buying one, you will also want to consider proper AR-15 safety and how you are going to store your new firearm. This article will explore AR-15 storage options, including AR-15 gun safes, along with other AR-15 tips for owners.

Five Options for AR-15 Safety

Storing your AR-15 safely should be a high priority for any owner. There are a variety of AR-15 storage options for your home, but none of them are completely foolproof. Every situation is different, and there are many factors to take into consideration regarding AR-15 safety when making your storage choice, including your budget, your accessibility requirements and local gun safety laws. If you have purchased an AR-15 for home protection, then accessibility and safety are key when the firearm is not in use. Some options for how to store an AR-15 for home defense include firearm cabinets, firearm safes, gun racks and gun locks. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits and downsides of each AR-15 storage option.

1. AR-15 Gun Locks

A cheap, easy-to-use safety option is an AR-15 gun lock. With a gun lock, trigger shoes fit around the trigger housing so it can’t be pulled. Cable locks are then placed through the barrel or the action so the firearm can’t be loaded or fired. Trigger locks are inexpensive and while they keep the firearm from being fired, they don’t offer protection against theft. In general, they are recommended as an additional security precaution to combine with the other storage methods below.

2. Firearm Cases

A variety of soft-sided and hard-sided firearm cases are available at a range of prices. While they have some padding to protect the firearm from physical damage, they provide minimal safety and absolutely no protection against theft. Firearm cases are best for short-term storage or for transportation when hunting or going to a shooting range.

3. Firearm racks

Firearm racks are another AR-15 storage option. Tufloc lockable gun racks feature the X-LOCK which keeps your guns locked and easily accessible while also making sure they are both secure and visible. Our storage racks will accommodate a wide range of firearms and take up much less space than a gun safe.

4. Firearm Cabinets

Cabinets are a popular option for AR-15 storage, as they are lighter weight than a safe and can easily be moved by two people. All firearm cabinets should be permanently mounted to a wall or floor using the mounting hardware that most manufacturers include. While cases are usually designed for one firearm, cabinets can hold multiple firearms, and they cost much less than a safe. However, they are typically not fire-resistant.

5. AR-15 Gun Safes

A gun safe is the most secure option for your AR-15’s safety at home. Just like with firearm cabinets, safes should be secured with the mounting hardware provided by the manufacturer to prevent theft of the entire safe. Most firearm safes are designed with interiors which can be customized to include firearm racks or shelving, giving extra AR-15 storage options. AR-15 gun safes are usually protected by dials or electronic keypads, although fingerprint readers are also an option. The cost of firearm safes can vary depending on the type of locking mechanism, level of fire protection, construction style and number of locking bolts for protection.

Protect Yourself With AR-15 Safety Products From Tufloc

Whether you’re looking to secure an AR-15 or another firearm in your home, Tufloc has the AR-15 safety products you need to protect yourself and your home. Our residential and business gun storage solutions are designed to protect your guns from damage and leave them readily accessible for when you need to retrieve them quickly. Shop our growing list of residential products and discover how Tufloc can keep you and your firearms safe. Contact our team of experts to find out more.

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