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Proper gun storage  is an important part of overall firearm safety. Storing guns in a safe and secure manner is important, but there’s a right and wrong way to do so. Did you know there are a number of steps you must take before locking up your gun?

Want to know how to store guns safely? For safety, a firearm should be stored in a high-quality gun safe after it has been properly prepared. This article will walk you through some important tips to keep your guns in good condition when using professional gun storage solutions.

10 Proper Gun Storage Tips

Proper gun storage includes getting your firearm in the correct condition before putting it in a safe. Below, we have compiled 10 tips for how to prepare guns for storage and how to store guns safely.

1. Clean Your Guns Before Storing Them

Cleaning guns thoroughly inside and out before storing them is vital. Copper, lead and plastic can attract moisture, so be sure to store your guns dry. Also, when cleaning firearms, don’t forget the bore. Leave a light layer of lubrication on any metal surfaces to seal them with a thin coating. Use wax to treat your wood stocks inside and out to help prevent the wood from swelling or cracking.

2. Remove Fingerprints From Your Gun

Your fingerprints transfer the natural salts from your hands to your gun — and they can be the beginning of rust. You can prevent rust by wiping away any fingerprints using an ammonia-free cleaner before storage.

3. Avoid Overcrowding Your Guns in a Safe

Guns can suffer nicks and scratches when they’re placed in or removed from a gun safe. For proper gun storage, be sure you don’t overload your safe. Instead, plot out the placement of your guns beforehand.

How to store guns

4. Limit Humidity In Your Gun Safe

Humidity in your gun safe can be a serious issue. The air inside your gun safe should be kept at a constant 50% humidity, or slightly drier, year-round. A dehumidifier can help you maintain constant humidity, and a hygrometer will help you monitor humidity levels. Inspect your firearms periodically. More frequent inspections may be called for if you live in a humid climate.

5. Bolt Down Your Gun Safe

Thieves will have a difficult time tipping the safe or removing it from your home or other location if it is bolted down. Make sure the floor where you plan to place your gun safe can support the safe’s weight. You may need to place more joists to support the bolting system and the weight of the safe.

6. Follow Firearm Safety Rules

Even when securing guns in a safe, you should still follow the 10 rules of safe gun handling. Read The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) 10 Rules of Firearms Safety to make sure you’re handling your gun properly.  

7. Copy the Combination of the Safe

Make several copies of the safe’s combination and store them securely in a different location.  

How to store guns

8. Keep a Firearm Inventory List

Maintain an up-to-date inventory of guns, ammo and other items stored inside your safe. Include the serial numbers, descriptions and pictures for identification. Keep the firearm inventory list in another location, like a safe deposit box.

9. Don’t Store Your Guns in Gun Cases

Never store your guns in any kind of waterproof, fabric, leather or non-breathable case. Storing guns in cases can cause many problems. Guns should be stored where dry air can circulate around them.

10. Keep Your Gun Decocked

Before storing guns, you need to decock them. Decocking your firearm before putting it in storage relieves tension in the springs and other components.

Let Tufloc Help With Proper Gun Storage

At Tufloc, we understand the importance of proper gun storage and caring for your firearms so they can protect you for a long time to come. With our Tufbox security drawers, gun storage racks for buildings and other high-quality gun storage solutions, Tufloc has the tools you need to protect your firearms at all times. Discover how we can help with storing guns today.

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