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A lot of our customers ask, “Do I need a gun safe?” The truth is that most enthusiasts can learn how to store a gun without a safe by using alternative methods. While gun safes are secure methods of firearm storage, they are also heavy, expensive and potentially difficult to unlock. Many customers want to know how to keep their guns safe but accessible, something that traditional gun safes do not provide. In this article, we discuss the best way to store guns without a safe while also keeping them visible and readily available.

Do I Need A Gun Safe?

A common misconception is that a gun safe is a necessity for gun ownership. Many people believe that, in order to secure a firearm in their home, they need a gun safe — or are required to have one. This could not be further from the truth. You can practice exceptional gun safety without a safe. While gun safes are convenient for large collections, they often have to be stored in closets, basements or bunkers. These safes are often heavy, making them difficult to move. Many are installed directly into walls or floors. They also tend to be bulky and cumbersome, accessible only by a combination lock or keypad.

Safe Gun Storage Without A Safe

Many alternatives exist for safe gun storage, including several that are highly visible and extremely accessible. Here are a few of the best ways to store guns without a safe:

X-LOCK™ Residential Gun Lock

The X-LOCK™ is an innovative safety product designed for a wide range of firearms. As a lockable gun rack, the X-LOCK™ secures your rifle or shotgun without a safe in an accessible position. For secure, open display of guns, the X-Lock™ can be installed quickly and easily in virtually any location. Additional safety features such as a fingerprint reader can provide another layer of security and even faster access.

TufBox™ Locking Storage Drawer

Built out of heavy-duty steel, the TufBox™ security drawer is tamper-resistant and comes with a low profile for easy storage. Place a TufBox™ under your bed or in your closet to keep your gun safe but accessible.

Mini TufBox™ Security Gun Drawer

For even more compact storage, get a Mini TufBox™ for enhanced gun safety in a small package. TufBox™ goes where a gun safe can’t while providing the same level of safety. Easy to fit under a car seat or desk, the low-profile Mini TufBox™ is one of the best ways to store a gun without a safe.

Shop Tufloc® For Safe Gun Storage

Residential security products from Tufloc® are designed for theft prevention and storage without compromising safety. Our engineers and technicians create security products utilized by military and law enforcement personnel nationwide. Keeping your home safe does not mean you should compromise quality. When you need to stow your guns without a safe, Tufloc® is the first name in ultra-tough product safety. Shop our residential products today and keep your home secure. For more information on how to store a gun without a safe, contact us today and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions regarding gun safety and proper storage.

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