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Security Drawer Features and Accessories

Prioritize the efficiency and safety of your firearms with police lockbox accessories and add-ons from Tufloc. We’ve got an extensive selection of accessories that can keep your locking storage drawers organized, easy to access and safe for firearms. Whether you’re looking for drawer divider kits to keep multiple guns or belongings in separate compartments for organization or a protective egg foam to ensure after-market accessories are protected, Tufloc has you covered.

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What Organizational Police Lockbox Accessories Can Do for You

A vehicle lockbox for your guns is the perfect addition to any law enforcement vehicle. With a police lockbox, you always know your firearms are secured in a safe location. Police lockboxes are also perfect for always knowing where your guns are, providing the quickest way to access them.

However, when you keep multiple types of firearms in your lockbox, you’ll need to ensure you have the right accessories and add-ons for proper organization. That’s where organizational police lockbox accessories from Tufloc come in. Organizational accessories for police lockboxes give officers quicker and more immediate access to firearms in situations that require it the most. Drawer divider kits keep firearms separated, so you won’t have to move several guns out of the way to find the specific one you need for your situation. We’ve got several drawer divider kit options so that you can choose the best for your current setup.

How to Best Utilize Our Police Lockbox Accessories

Making your lockbox for guns better suited for your vehicle is about more than organization. It’s about achieving the perfect setup to be ready for any scenario. We also carry a wide range of cosmetic police lockbox accessories like raised lips and lift kits so your lockbox can fit better in your vehicle while allowing access to your spare tire. With a lift kit, you’ll be able to store more equipment under your police lockbox and save more space in your cruiser. The TufBox plastic bin is another option that can be utilized underneath the lift kit for additional organized storage.

Frequently Asked Questions About Police Lockbox Accessories

Want to know more about our police lockbox accessories? Check out some of our most commonly asked questions below.

Why Do I Need An Interior Light for My Police Lockbox?

Drawer divider kits aren’t your only option when it comes to organization and quick access. When an officer is on the night shift and needs to get a firearm from their lockbox, an interior LED light can help. Interior LED lights from Tufloc are motion-activated, so the second you open your police lockbox, you’ll have a complete view of your guns to quickly grab the one you need without needing a flashlight.

What Police Lockbox Accessories Will Protect My Firearms?

If you’re concerned about keeping your firearms in the best condition possible, you may want to think about purchasing an egg foam case lining for your drawers. Egg foam is soft to the touch and can ensure your gun rests on a soft surface that won’t cause any knicks or scratches. We also carry specialized gun foam and rubber mats for the top of the drawers.

What Type of Security Drawer Locks Does Tufloc Carry?

At Tufloc, we offer two types of security drawer locks for your firearms: a T-handle key lock and a specialized combination lock with key override. Each type of security drawer lock is designed to give your police lockbox an extra layer of security.

Shop Police Lockbox Accessories From Tufloc

Purchasing a lockbox for your guns is only the first step to proper operational organization and safety. From drawer divider kits to rubber mats for the inter and exterior of the drawers, Tufloc has the police lockbox accessories you need. Each of our police lockbox accessories is manufactured from high-quality, durable materials meant to last years on the job. Enjoy efficiency, quicker access and better organization with Tufloc. If you need some more information about our products or how to order, feel free to contact us directly. Our expert team is always standing by and ready to help.

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