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Lockers & Lockboxes

Safely secure evidence, property and guns.
If you’re in the market for a security locker or lockbox, trust Tufloc for the highest quality and security. No matter what size security locker your situation calls for, you can arrange our ModuBox™ stackable lockers to meet your demands. Tufloc knows how important it is to safely and securely protect your evidence, property and firearms, and our security lockboxes are up to the challenge. Browse our selection of lockers & lockboxes below and find yours today.

Important Features:

  • Lockers are approximately 18” D and 15-1/4” W
  • Lockboxes are 14” D and 14” W
  • Modules can be stacked in many configurations
  • Each unit has fully padded interior shelves
  • Free-standing, in-wall or on-desk mounting options


  • Medeco® cylinders can be: keyed alike, differently or master keyed
  • Key drops can be incorporated into any model
  • Can be individually numbered
  • Pass-through lockers are available on certain models
  • Custom designs and colors can be special ordered
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Lockers and Lockboxes

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Evidence Lockers & Lockboxes from Tufloc are Reliable

You can protect your firearms and evidence properly with a lockbox from Tufloc. Our high-quality security lockers are designed to keep your evidence safe and secure, but easily accessible when you need them. Whether you need a locker for large or small amounts of evidence, Tufloc has a security lockbox to fit your situation.

Tufloc is an industry leader in evidence & security storage solutions for military and law enforcement, so you can count on our lockers to keep your firearms, property or evidence secure.

Frequently Asked Questions About Security Lockers & Lockboxes

Protecting your evidence is essential — and having the right locker is crucial to security in any facility. We have answered some common questions about security lockers below. If you have any other questions about lockboxes or lockers, please contact us. Our team will be happy to help you find the right security locker for your unique situation.

What Sets a Tufloc Locker Apart From the Competition?

Tufloc security lockers are unique because we have worked closely with hundreds of law enforcement agencies to understand their locker needs. We have taken their responses and used them to design industry-leading products that fit their demands. The result? Our ModuBox™ lockers.

ModuBox™ security lockers are manufactured from heavy welded steel (12/14 gauge) and feature Medeco® high-security cylinders for another layer of safety. Each locker is finished with a baked powder coating for durable good looks. ModuBox™ lockers are sold individually and are stackable, so you can arrange them in a configuration that works for your setting.

  • Fully padded interior shelves
  • Free-standing, in-wall or on-desk mounting options
  • Custom colors, sizes and more
  • Key drops can be incorporated into any model
  • Locks can be keyed alike, differently or master keyed.

What Other Security Solutions Do You Offer Besides Lockboxes?

Tufloc offers a wide array of security products to help law enforcement and military agencies protect their firearms, including:

Let Tufloc Help With All Your Locker Demands

When you need high-quality locker solutions, Tufloc has you covered. We build premium products designed to keep all your belongings secure and easily accessible when they are needed. Don’t trust your security to just anyone. Discover how a Tufloc locker can make a difference. If you have questions or want to find out more about Tufloc products, contact our team of security storage experts.

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