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Vehicle Muzzle Down Gun Rack

If you’re looking for a better way to store firearms in your law enforcement vehicle fleet, a police muzzle down gun rack might be the vehicle storage solution for you. A muzzle down gun rack from Tufloc is an excellent way to ensure any officer can easily hit all of their requirements: firearms that are securely locked but also able to be accessed quickly when needed. Police muzzle down gun racks mount directly in your cruiser, so you can keep your gun right by your side at all times.

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Keep Your Firearm Secure With a Police Muzzle Down Gun Rack

Law enforcement officers can spend a lot of time in their cruiser, essentially turning it into a mobile office. That’s why it’s crucial that firearms are kept secure but also easily accessible. With nearly 700,000 police officers in the US in 2020, the issue is more important than ever. A police muzzle down gun rack from Tufloc is designed to the specifications of exact firearm models for a perfect, secure fit every time. With the padded interior of muzzle down gun racks, firearms will remain wholly stable and free from scratches, knicks or dents no matter what sudden turns or stops an officer needs to make.

Why You Should Choose a Muzzle Down Gun Rack

Muzzle down gun racks are the perfect option for any law enforcement vehicle. Tufloc’s police muzzle down gun racks come complete with tamper-proof mounting hardware, dual high-security locking mechanisms and trigger guards to protect your firearm. With your firearm right next to you, you will be able to quickly and easily access your firearm when a situation arises.

Commonly Asked Questions About Police Muzzle Down Gun Racks

Do you need more information about what a muzzle down gun rack can do for your officers? Here are some of our most commonly asked questions.

Is a Muzzle Down Gun Rack a Better Way to Mount a Gun?

While every gun owner has their own ideas about the best way to mount their gun, there are a few benefits to mounting a firearm with a muzzle down gun rack. Keeping the barrel of your gun always pointed down and away from you is a great way to maximize the safety of your cruiser. In addition, if you frequently clean and oil your firearms, you’ll know that some of the residues will drip out after you’ve finished. Keeping your firearm secure in a police muzzle down gun rack will allow the excess oil or cleaning fluid to flow from the barrel and onto the floor, rather than the stock or body of the gun. Oil and cleaning fluid can potentially soften wood and damage stocks.

What Components Come With a Police Muzzle Down Gun Rack?

Each police muzzle down gun rack comes complete with several components to maximize safety and security. We will include:

  • all the necessary mounting hardware you need
  • a trigger guard
  • a 10-second delay timer
  • depending upon the make/model of gun, a small or large high-security lock

You’ll also have the option of choosing from handcuff or tubular keys for your locking mechanisms.

Where Do I Mount a Muzzle Down Gun Rack in My Cruiser?

Police muzzle down gun racks can be mounted directly in front of the passenger seat for immediate and direct access at a moment’s notice. The muzzle down gun rack mount is attached to the floor of your vehicle, so you can choose the space that feels the most comfortable for you.

Tufloc Has Muzzle Down Gun Racks for Your Police-Issued Firearms

At Tufloc, we aim to create the safest, most secure gun racks possible to keep officers and their communities safe from harm. Put safety and security first with a police muzzle down gun rack today. Muzzle down gun racks are expertly designed and engineered from high-quality materials to stay durable for years to come. Choose your gun model and browse our selection of muzzle down gun racks today. And, if you like the idea of a vehicle-mounted gun rack but want to explore your options, check out some of our other vehicle gun storage solutions. If you need some more information before you commit to buying, contact us directly for more details. We look forward to hearing from you.

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