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Trunk Gun Racks & Gun Mounts

 Looking for a safe, secure way to keep your firearms organized in your squad car? A trunk-mounted gun rack may be what you need. Whether you work in law enforcement and need a trunk gun rack for safe patrols, or you're worried about your personal protection once the uniform comes off, we at Tufloc have the car trunk rack solutions that best fit your needs. We understand that the "one-size-fits-all" approach doesn't work for optimized car trunk gun storage that you can trust. Each Tufloc trunk-mounted gun rack is designed for the exact make/model of the firearm of your choice for maximum safety and security. Tufloc high-quality trunk gun racks are convenient, safe and have various mounting options. Choose your gun type below, and see how Tufloc can meet your trunk-mounted gun rack needs today.  

Choose Your Gun Type

Protect Your Firearms With a Trunk Gun Rack  

Quality firearms and other police-issued gear aren't cheap. In fact, they represent a large percentage of many departments' expenditures year after year – so you want to take good care of them any way you can. When they're not adequately secured, firearms can slide around in a squad car, get knocked or bumped by passengers or even potentially misfire. They can also get into the wrong hands.  Additionally, guns in poor condition can become extremely dangerous, even in the hands of a professional. 

Rather than keeping your guns in the backseat, on the floor or loose in the trunk, trunk-mounted gun racks are your storage solution to protect your most essential items. Not only are Tufloc trunk gun mounts perfect for protecting against avoidable wear and tear that can shorten the lifespan of your gun, but they also ensure your firearms don't wind up in the wrong hands. With unbeatable safety features designed to only let you in, car trunk gun racks give you the peace of mind you need to walk away from your squad car or off-duty ride knowing that your gun is protected.

Why Should You Use Car Trunk Gun Racks?

There are plenty of reasons to use trunk racks to store your guns, but security is one of the most important. Tufloc gun racks can mount to the trunk lid, are designed to prevent firearm theft and keep your police-issued firearms from falling into the wrong hands. As secure as squad cars are, criminals can still break in and steal your guns if they are not secure. Thanks to the trunk mount, you won’t have to worry about a passerby seeing your firearm and breaking in when you’re not around.

Trunk gun racks from Tufloc provide quick and easy access to guns, appropriate padding to keep your firearm safe and top-of-the-line safety locks to keep your guns secure. After all, our trunk gun racks are engineered with security in mind.

Commonly Asked Questions About Truck Gun Mounts

Can Trunk-Mounted Gun Racks Fit More Than One Gun?

Tufloc trunk gun racks are strictly for single firearm mounting. At Tufloc, we make our trunk gun mounts specific to the firearm for a perfect, rattle-free fit every time. This helps keep guns securely stored and can help extend the life of your gun, thanks to the rattle protection. If you want to store more than one gun in your vehicle at a time, check out our other vehicle storage solutions.

What Are the Safety Features of Trunk Lid Gun Racks?

Here at Tufloc, safety is always our top priority. That’s why our entire line of trunk-mounted gun racks is outfitted with a Tufloc electric lock and independent key backup for multiple secure points of access strictly available to you. The dual-release lock keeps firearms in place and can be accessed with a key or through the 10-second delay timer. Finally, a trigger guard is incorporated into most designs to prevent firing whenever your gun is secure in the gun rack.

Shop Tufloc for Trunk Gun Racks Today

At Tufloc, we design and engineer each of our products to be the picture of safety and security. When you’re using a Tufloc gun rack for your vehicleyou’re choosing protection you can trust. Feel secure both on the job and off with a brand new trunk gun rack today. To start, just select your gun model and see what we have in our selection.

If you have any questions about our trunk gun mounts, please contact us immediately. Our team of experts is standing by, ready to assist.

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