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Vehicle Vertical Gun Racks

If you regularly travel with your firearm, you probably understand the importance of keeping it secure. Not only do you want to protect the gun, scope and people inside your vehicle, but you also have to make sure you’re obeying your local laws or rules of your precinct. Vertical gun racks from Tufloc are your solution to keeping your guns secure in your vehicle during transportation. Hunters, officers, military members and citizens can install vertical mounts directly to the floor for quick access and a direct eye line at all times during transport. Highly recommended for those who frequently travel rugged terrains, a vertical truck rifle mount can keep your gun steady and safe from shocks, bumps and vibrations. View our entire selection today, and find the vertical gun rack perfect for your vehicle.

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Keep Your Firearms Safe With Vertical Gun Racks

Keep your gun right at your fingertips as you cruise the city streets with a vertical car rifle mount from Tufloc. Mounted in a stand-alone fashion to your preferred angle, a Tufloc vertical gun mount is the best way to always have quick access to your firearm and make maximum use of passenger space for a safe, steady drive. Whether you're in a truck, ATV or squad car, vertical gun racks are your best bet for keeping your Mossberg 500, Colt M-16 SMG or standard issue gun ready for action at a moment's notice.

Why Do You Need A Vertical Gun Mount?

Placing your guns in the bed of a truck or anywhere they can fit in your squad car while driving is asking for a mishap. Without a vertical rifle vehicle mount, unexpected quick turns, stops and bounces on rough roads can cause your gun to hit the front or sides of the bed, leading to unnecessary damage. Not to mention, guns can quickly be jolted up in the air and slammed back down hard on the bed – breaking precious scopes and incurring scratches and dents in the process. Keeping your gun protected with a padded vertical gun rack will help keep it steady in one spot and safe from any harm. Even if you have a hard case to store your firearm, impacts can still cause adverse effects to scopes and misaligning your sights. A truck or car rifle mount is relatively inexpensive compared to a new scope or stock. 

If you think your guns are safe in the backseat or with a passenger or your partner, you should think again. You can’t predict the need to make a sudden stop, which can cause your firearm to slide forward onto the floor and land with a hard impact. Passengers can lose grip of the gun or knock it directly into a window — or, worse yet, a massive bump could leave it pointed directly at your head. Keep your gun, passengers, partners and self as safe as possible with a vertical gun rack. Any other way opens up too many possibilities for disaster.

Questions About Our Car & Truck Rifle Mounts

Do you want more information about our vertical gun racks? Here are a few of our most commonly asked questions.

What Are the Security Features of Tufloc Vertical Gun Racks?

At Tufloc, we ensure our vertical mounts have the highest level of security so your guns won’t be subject to any damage or fall into the wrong hands. We work directly with many police precincts and military establishments as well as regular citizens, so safety and security are always our top priority. We design our vertical gun mounts with dual-release lock systems for the highest level of security. Each comes standard with a large lock head and a small lock head which can be opened with either a tubular or handcuff style key. In addition, each vertical gun rack comes with an electric 10-second delay timer and trigger guards so your gun cannot fire when locked in place.

Are Vertical Gun Racks Stable?

A car or truck rifle mount is an essential piece of equipment if you carry a gun in your vehicle. With tamper-proof mounting hardware and a padded interior to keep your firearm in place, vertical gun racks are one of the few ways to keep a gun stable in your vehicle. In addition, we design each of our vertical mounts specific to your model of gun for a perfect fit.

Do You Offer Other Vehicle Gun Storage Racks?

If you like the idea of a vehicle gun storage rack but don’t like the design of a vertical mount for your vehicle, we offer other styles of rifle mounts for your car as well. You have the option to choose from eight distinct designs to store firearms in your vehicle.

Shop Tufloc for Top-Rated Vertical Gun Racks Today

At Tufloc, gun safety and security is our passion. With a vertical gun mount, you won’t have to worry when it comes time to take your guns to your favorite hunting spot or off to the range. With a trusted security system and excellent design fit for any truck, squad car or everyday vehicle, you won’t remember what life was like before your vertical gun mount. Choose your model and browse our selection of vertical gun racks today. If you need more information before you decide to buy, feel free to contact us at any time. Our dedicated team is always available to help. 

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