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For eight hours a day (or often more), an officer’s vehicle is like a mobile office. That’s why the right vehicle gun storage solutions are essential. If officers don’t have the proper vehicle firearm storage solution, it can cost them precious seconds when they need to access their firearm in an emergency situation. 

This article will look at why purchasing the right secure vehicle gun storage solutions, like police vehicle gun racks and vehicle firearm safes, is so crucial, and why Tufloc has the right vehicle firearm storage solutions for law enforcement fleets’ needs.

Why Having the Right Vehicle Firearm Storage Is Important

Law enforcement officers must keep their firearms stored securely in their vehicles, along with the rest of their law enforcement vehicle equipment. But when an emergency situation arises and they need to be able to get to their firearm quickly, the right vehicle gun storage solution can make all the difference. When seconds count, ease of access is just as important as security features.

There are a range of vehicle firearm storage options available for law enforcement officers and agencies to choose from. To best protect their communities and themselves, it’s essential that everyone involved in choosing a vehicle gun storage solution understands what is available and which option is best for their situation.

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Ways to Store Law Enforcement Vehicle Equipment

Choosing the right vehicle firearm storage can save time and energy when officers need to get to their firearm quickly. Officers have two main options for vehicle firearm storage: police vehicle gun racks and vehicle firearm safes.

Police Vehicle Gun Racks

Police vehicle gun racks come in various models, so officers can choose the specific type that is most comfortable for them. At Tufloc, we carry eight different types of vehicle gun racks, including overhead mounts, vertical mounts and floor mounts. These secure vehicle gun storage solutions are perfect for keeping firearms right by an officer’s side whenever they are behind the wheel of their squad car. With dual locking mechanisms, trigger guards and exact fitment options, the firearm will be secure once it’s locked up.

Vehicle Firearm Safe

The second option officers have available is a vehicle firearm safe or security drawer. Many officers think a lockable vehicle storage box is among the most practical ways to keep a gun safe, hidden and out of the wrong hands. With a heavy-duty design built to last, vehicle firearm safes and storage boxes are durable and dependable no matter which firearms you want to store.

Shop Tufloc For Vehicle Gun Storage Solutions Today

Why are vehicle gun storage solutions so important for officers? Because officers want to protect themselves and the community they serve. Secure guns and other law enforcement vehicle equipment with a Tufloc vehicle firearm storage solution. We carry an extensive line of police vehicle gun racks and lockable vehicle storage boxes to choose from so you can select the product that best suits your needs. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any time. Our team is always ready to help.

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