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With all the equipment and firearms police officers are required to carry, it is important to have an in-vehicle storage system that officers can count on to make their jobs easier and safer. From a vehicle gun lock box to trunk rifle storage, there are a multitude of solutions available for you to choose.

In this article, we will share three key considerations to keep in mind when searching for the right vehicle storage solution to meet your specific needs.

1. What Equipment Will You Be Storing?

Law enforcement officers can use a variety of equipment on any given day. Finding the right storage system will make your job much easier. When you decide what equipment you need for your daily duties, you can decide how large of a storage system you will need.

Tufloc has a variety of vehicle storage solutions available for every officer, no matter their focus.

For basic equipment like maps, flashlights, handcuffs and other equipment that do not need to be stored securely, our tactical car seat organizers are a great choice. Made from high-strength molded plastic, they will hold your belongings in place with multiple compartments for all your gear.  If the equipment does not need to be readily available in the front compartment of the vehicle, TufBox storage drawers for cruisers and SUVs can also be a great storage solution.

2. What Items Will Need to Be Secured to Protect Against Theft?

Many of the items officers use on the job are big investments for a department, starting with their firearms. Leaving these high-target items unsecured in your vehicle is not an option. You need discreet in-car gun storage options to protect your firearms.

Other valuable items that might need to be secured to protect against theft include:

  • Body armor
  • High-tech cameras
  • Extra ammunition

Tufloc offers a variety of police vehicle storage solutions to protect your firearms and other valuable cargo while you are on the go.

  • Our vehicle gun racks are available in eight different mounting options, depending on your preference. Because we know there’s no one-size-fits-all gun storage solution, each rack is designed to fit your gun’s exact make and model. Our high-strength steel racks are padded to protect your firearms while also giving officers quick access when they need them.
  • TufBox locking storage drawers and security drawers offer a trusted way to safely secure guns, store equipment and organize belongings. They are crafted from heavy-duty steel and are available with a keyed lock or a combination lock with key override.

Police Car Organizers

3. What Level of Accessibility Is Required For Your Equipment?

Having the right police vehicle storage solution for your firearms and equipment will let your officers easily access what they need in any situation. Different types of officers may have different accessibility needs, depending on what equipment they use most frequently.

Every officer should have quick access to their firearms and ammunition. Beyond that, the needs can vary greatly. For example, patrol officers may need road flares or safety vests frequently to handle accident scenes or traffic stops, while members of your S.W.A.T. team may need bulletproof vests and other tactical gear to handle dangerous situations.

Our TufBox storage bin is a great tactical trunk storage/organizer option. Constructed from high-density plastic, the storage bins can fit under the TufBox drawer or can be used as standalone storage in your trunk or the rear of your SUV.

Let Tufloc Help You Find the Right Police Vehicle Storage Solutions

Tufloc is an industry leader in providing police vehicle storage solutions. Our high-quality professional products and high-security locks are precision crafted with safety and ease of use in mind. Shop Tufloc today and discover the difference we can make.

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