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Local communities have made significant investments in police departments’ equipment. We all understand the importance of keeping firearms safe, secure and accessible. It’s a major concern for anyone who works in law enforcement. What’s the best way to plan an effective law enforcement gun storage system? We have some ideas to share. In this article, we’ll provide pointers on how to set up law enforcement firearm storage, what equipment you’ll need to achieve a secure set-up and how Tufloc can help you get the job done with high-quality firearm storage solutions to keep your guns safe and organized.

How to Store Law Enforcement Firearms Properly

Regardless of how much room you have to store law enforcement firearms, there are certain essential pieces of storage equipment every station needs. You should plan to include the following in your set-up:

Police Gun Locker & Lockboxes

Lockboxes and lockers are necessary to secure guns, along with evidence and property. Choose units that are crafted of heavy-gauge, welded steel with high-security cylinders that provide additional protection. You’ll find gun lockers & lockboxes in different sizes and designs to fit your space, large or small. Police gun safe lockboxes can be stacked to accommodate your space and may be free-standing, installed in a wall or mounted on a desk. Gun lockers for law enforcement can also be used to secure police officers’ personal effects while they’re on the job.

Gun Security & Storage Drawers

This type of police gun holder safely stores equipment and keeps belongings organized. Look for gun storage drawers manufactured using heavy-duty steel with a secure locking device. Locking storage drawers for guns are designed to fit under the seat of SUVs and cruisers. They also serve as free-standing storage in the trunk of your cruiser. Or, you can mount this type of law enforcement gun storage beneath your desk for secure and easy access to your firearm.

Police Gun Rack

Law enforcement officers need access to their guns at the station and in their vehicles, and each requires a different solution. At the police station, law enforcement gun racks are wall units that hold multiple firearms. These heavy-duty gun racks keep firearms in place and secured, ready for action at a moment’s notice. Each police gun rack is designed to hold one or more specific firearm types–something to keep in mind when you’re planning law enforcement gun storage. A police car gun rack, on the other hand, is made of resilient materials that offer a secure grip on the gun while enabling it to be removed quickly in critical situations.

What Areas Needs Law Enforcement Gun Storage Systems?

In a police facility, an armory is seldom limited to just one room. Areas in which firearms need to be secured include:

  • Duty gun storage rooms
  • Evidence rooms
  • Forensic firearm storage areas
  • Jails/Prisons
  • Firing Ranges
  • Security Cages

Trust Tufloc for the Best Law Enforcement Firearm Storage Solutions

Tufloc has everything you need to secure your firearms, whether it’s a police vehicle gun rack, locker or lockbox. We have the high-quality law enforcement firearm storage you need to properly secure guns while officers are on duty–at the station and on the road. Tufloc products are designed for law enforcement agencies, military personnel and homeowners. Through ongoing research and development, we continue to enhance each product’s quality, durability and affordability. Shop Tufloc military & police gun storage today!

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