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High-Security Door Locks & Van Security Locks

Criminal-resistant. Easy-to-operate.

What makes Tufloc® high-security locks different?

Our research and development address what’s really important to customers concerned about ultra-safe and secure solutions.

Many fleet managers and other people responsible for security in business, industry, military and law enforcement have found a new standard in locking devices – the Tufloc® high-security door locks that eliminate the weak points of the traditional padlock: the shackle and the hasp. We understand the importance of protecting the products that are important to you – and the danger that could result if the security lock doesn’t do its job. We proudly manufacture superior van security locks that include cylinders from respected names like Medeco™ and Abloy™. These high-security locks are perfect for after-market cargo van doors, coin boxes, firearms storage, storefront gates and endless other applications that require secure storage.

Special HIGH-security Design

Tufloc’s high-security locks eliminate the weak points of the traditional padlock, the shackle and hasp.

This special design is the reason why businesses, industry, the U.S. military and government repeatedly buy Tufloc® when they want safe, reliable, cost-effective locks.

In addition to providing superb protection, the Tufloc high-security locks mount to fit inward, outward, double-swinging, sliding and roll-up doors. Tufloc high-security locks can even accommodate misaligned doors.

Our complete catalog of high-security locks includes right and left-hand orientations, as well as long wings, such as our Abloy Cylinder long wing locks, and short wings, like our Illium (Military) short wing locks, for easy mounting on a variety of doors and applications.

Criminal-Resistant in 6 Ways

  • Features Medeco® high-security cylinders
  • Five-pin tumbler with pick resistant core
  • Spin-free carbide rod in bolt resists sawing
  • Special pins in cylinder face resist attacks from drills and saws
  • Angle-cut key deters duplication
  • Recessed carriage bolt holes deter tampering


  • A simple twist of the key releases the central bolt and unlocks the Tufloc Lock
  • Cannot accidentally lock
  • Keyed cylinders can be replaced
  • Key can be removed in the locked or unlocked position
  • Three different keying options available: keyed-alike, keyed-differently, master-keyed

50-1 Abloy Cylinder $179.95

60-1 Illium (Military) $268.60

50-2 LH medeco cylinder $169.95

50-2 RH medeco cylinder $169.95

50-2 LH Abloy Cylinder $199.95

50-2 RH Abloy Cylinder $199.95

50-2 LH QFR Freezer Lock $189.95

50-2 RH QFR Freezer Lock $189.95

50-3 Medeco Cylinder $189.95

50-2 Abloy Cylinder $209.95

60-3 Illium (Military) $285.96

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Discover how Tufloc high-security locks can keep your belongings and property more safe.

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