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High-Security Door Locks & Van Security Locks

Criminal-resistant. Easy-to-operate.

What makes Tufloc® high-security locks different?

Our research and development address what’s really important to customers concerned about ultra-safe and secure solutions.

Many fleet managers and other people responsible for security in business, industry, military and law enforcement have found a new standard in locking devices – the Tufloc® high-security door locks that eliminate the weak points of the traditional padlock: the shackle and the hasp. We understand the importance of protecting the products that are important to you – and the danger that could result if the security lock doesn’t do its job. We proudly manufacture superior van security locks that include cylinders from respected names like Medeco™ and Abloy™. These high-security locks are perfect for after-market cargo van doors, coin boxes, firearms storage, storefront gates and endless other applications that require secure storage.

Special HIGH-security Design

Tufloc’s high-security locks eliminate the weak points of the traditional padlock, the shackle and hasp.

This special design is the reason why businesses, industry, the U.S. military and government repeatedly buy Tufloc® when they want safe, reliable, cost-effective locks.

In addition to providing superb protection, the Tufloc high-security locks mount to fit inward, outward, double-swinging, sliding and roll-up doors. Tufloc high-security locks can even accommodate misaligned doors.

Our complete catalog of high-security locks includes right and left-hand orientations, as well as long wings, such as our Abloy Cylinder long wing locks, and short wings, like our Illium (Military) short wing locks, for easy mounting on a variety of doors and applications.

Criminal-Resistant in 6 Ways

  • Features Medeco® or Abloy® high-security cylinders
  • Five-pin tumbler with pick resistant core
  • Spin-free carbide rod in bolt resists sawing
  • Special pins in cylinder face resist attacks from drills and saws
  • Angle-cut key deters duplication
  • Recessed carriage bolt holes deter tampering


  • A simple twist of the key releases the central bolt and unlocks the Tufloc Lock
  • Cannot accidentally lock
  • Keyed cylinders can be replaced
  • Key can be removed in the locked or unlocked position
  • Three different keying options available: keyed-alike, keyed-differently, master-keyed
50-2LH Medeco Left Long Wing High Security Lock

50-2 LH medeco cylinder $189.95

50-2RH Medeco Long Right Wing Lock

50-2 RH medeco cylinder $189.95

50-2RH Medeco Long Right Wing Lock

50-3 medeco cylinder $209.95

50-2LH High-Security Freezer Lock

50-2 LH QFR Freezer Lock $209.95

50-2-RH-QFR Lock

50-2 RH QFR Freezer Lock $209.95

50-1 Abloy Cylinder Locks

50-1A Abloy Cylinder $197.95

50-2LH Medeco Left Long Wing High Security Lock

50-2A LH Abloy Cylinder $219.95

50-2RH Medeco Long Right Wing Lock

50-2A RH Abloy Cylinder $219.95

50-2RH Medeco Long Right Wing Lock

50-3A Abloy Cylinder $229.95

50-3 Medeco High-Security Lock

60-1 ILLIUM (MILITARY) $299.95

50-3 Medeco High-Security Lock

60-2 LH ILLIUM (MILITARY) $319.95

50-3 Medeco High-Security Lock

60-2 RH Illium (Military) $319.95

50-3 Medeco High-Security Lock

60-3 Illium (Military) $349.95


When you need a high-security lock, contact a company that is consistently trusted by delivery companies, law enforcement and the military — Tufloc. As the number one name in security products, our high-security door locks protect your residential or commercial property from unauthorized access. With tamper-resistant technology built into their design, our security locks are the safest, most cost-effective locks on the market.

Tufloc high-security locks can be used on a variety of doors. Whether your door swings inward, outward or in both directions, our security locks can be mounted to fit. They will even work on a sliding door or roll-up. You can trust Tufloc to have a high-security door lock to meet your needs no matter your situation.

Cargo Van Security Door Locks

Mobile security is a chief concern for private contractors and delivery fleets who carry expensive equipment. When you need to keep your gear safe, van outfitters have tamper-resistant van security locks from Tufloc to call on. Our secure van door locks function as extra protection to keep your van secure when you aren’t using it, while providing quick access when needed. Combined with our security drawers and storage bins, you can add extra layers of security to keep your valuables protected.

Features of Our High-Security Door Locks

No two door locks are built the same. Wanting increased security doesn’t have to come with increased cost. The difference between Tufloc high-security door locks and the competition is that with our equipment, you get more than you paid for. All of our cylinder locks are made with innovative technology to keep you and your cargo protected. Here are a few key features of our high-security door locks:

Bolt Strength

Our recessed carriage bolt holes make tampering with our hinge locks difficult. The steel construction of our security locks protects your cargo from theft. A spin-free carbide rod makes the lock resistant to sawing, ensuring our cylinder locks are some of the most tamper-resistant door locks around.

Drilling, Sawing and Picking Prevention

The three primary forms of attack on your locks are well-known. Lock picking, sawing and drilling are the main concerns that any high-security lock worth its metal is trying to prevent. Special pins in the cylinder face of our security locks work to prevent drilling and other boring attempts. With cylinders provided by Medeco™ and solid stainless steel construction, Tufloc has all three fronts covered to keep you and your cargo safe and protected.

Patented Keyways

Our angle-cut keys are difficult to duplicate, making them more secure than typical house keys. Additionally, our high-security locks feature Medeco cylinders, a company renowned for its excellence in lock technology. Your cylinders can be replaced individually if they wear due to regular use. Finally, we provide our customers with multiple options for their keys — keyed-alike, keyed-differently and master-keyed — allowing you to set different access levels for all of your security locks, without requiring additional hardware.

Frequently Asked Questions About High-Security Door Locks

Whether for commercial, residential, military or law enforcement purposes, you may have questions about our high-security locks. We’ve answered some common inquiries below to help you understand why you can trust Tufloc.

How Do Tufloc Gun Racks Lock?

Over the years, we have talked to and worked with hundreds of individuals from different law enforcement agencies and military branches to learn what tools they search for to store their gear for tactical operations. These conversations and knowledge led us to develop security locks (and other products) that will keep your items secure but accessible. Our commitment to their protection extends to our civilian customers as well.

Do You Sell More Than High-Security Locks for Doors and Vans?

Of course! Some of our best-selling products are our TufBox™ locking storage drawers that fit in the trunk of your vehicle. We have also developed secure gun storage racks, like the X-Lock™ residential gun lock to display your firearms while keeping them stowed and secure, as well as vehicle gun racks for law enforcement and military vehicles.

Get Tough on Protection With Tufloc® High-Security Locks

Expect nothing less than the best when you purchase high-security door locks from Tufloc. Keeping your property secure is essential for living in today’s world. Protect your home, vehicle or business with a high-security lock that can withstand criminal tampering and provide you peace of mind. Shop for all of your storage and security products with Tufloc.

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