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Vehicle Gun Rack & Gun Storage Solutions

Tufloc offers the widest range of Vehicle Gun Racks available.
For maximum safety and security, each rack is designed for the exact make/model of gun; we do not sell a “one-size-fits-all” gun rack. The high-strength steel racks are powder-coated and are padded for gun protection and rattle-free performance.

Choose Your Vehicle Gun Rack Application

Are you searching for a reliable car or truck gun rack or police car seat organizer for law enforcement or protection purposes? Look no further than the vehicle gun storage solutions from Tufloc. As a top manufacturer of vehicle firearm storage, we offer a variety of vehicle gun rack options to choose from. Whether you want your vehicle rifle mount to be overhead, on the floor or in the trunk, our products are the perfect addition to any military or police vehicle. Gun rack equipment must be made with resilient materials and offer a tight, secure grip on the firearm while simultaneously allowing the capability to quickly remove the gun in emergency situations. That’s why we use different means of manufacturing, such as turning and milling, to ensure the best quality. If you’re an officer, military personnel or individual with a concealed carry weapon (CCW) permit, order a gun holder for your car today.

Keep Firearms in Good Working Condition with a Vehicle Gun Rack

Whether purchased by the everyday working civilian or issued to police officers, firearms can be pretty expensive. When transported from place to place or kept inside a vehicle at all times for safety reasons, you must have a quality vehicle gun storage solution to ensure they remain in perfect condition throughout your ride. If not properly secured, firearms can slide around when taking curves, get bumped or knocked on less than ideal roads or even potentially misfire. Firearms in poor condition can become extremely dangerous, primarily when one’s life depends on getting the perfect shot out at the right time. The right type of vehicle gun rack can help protect your firearms, keep them at close range and extend their life.

At Tufloc, we offer a wide selection of functional and tactical gun racks to safely secure firearms, prevent them from falling into the wrong hands and protect them from daily wear and tear. Whether you need a vehicle rifle mount for your AR-15 that secures overhead or are looking for car gun storage for your Remington 870 to go in your trunk, Tufloc has a product for you. Our vehicle gun storage solutions are the only way to transport your firearms with standard features such as a trigger guard, time delay, key-controlled locks and secure protective mounting.

We Carry Eight Distinct Vehicle Gun Storage Solutions

Storing your firearms at home can be relatively simple with the vast amount of options you have to choose from. However, when you’re on the go and carrying firearms with you, it’s just as important to find a vehicle gun storage solution that can keep your guns secure. At Tufloc, we offer vehicle gun racks in a wide variety of options to keep your firearms protected from the reach of others and securely in their place rather than rolling around in your truck. Whether you’re a hunter bringing your firearms to your favorite spot, or need your guns in the car for your profession, we have the car, UTV and truck gun racks for you. We offer eight varieties of vehicle gun racks for every type of firearm. These varieties include:

  • Roll Bar Mounts: A UTV or truck gun rack that can attach to the roll bar of your vehicle.
  • Screen Mounts: A tactical gun rack you can attach to the inside roof of your vehicle.
  • Overhead Mounts: To connect to your added metal screen between the front and backseats.
  • Trunk Mounts: To connect to your added metal screen between the front and backseats.
  • Vertical Mounts: To place between the driver and passenger seats, best as a gun holder for cars.
  • Dual Vertical Mounts: For an additional firearm slot.
  • Floor Mounts: To tactically place your firearm on its side in your vehicle.
  • Muzzle Down Mounts: To have the muzzle of your firearm facing downwards in the passenger or cargo area of your vehicle.

Have Some Questions About Our Car, UTV & Truck Gun Racks?

When purchasing a vehicle gun storage solution, it’s best to know as much as you can. Here are some of the most common questions we get about our vehicle gun racks and the benefits they provide.

Is It Legal to Own a Car, UTV or Truck Gun Rack?

If you’re thinking about purchasing a tactical vehicle gun rack, you should read up on your state’s laws before doing anything. In most cases, it’s completely legal to have your firearms secured in a gun holder for cars or trucks. For the most part, this is covered by your concealed carry permit. However, some states may have different laws. For example, South Dakota residents can have their firearms secured on a vehicle gun rack, but they must be clearly visible. In Washington, you can secure long guns on a vehicle rifle mount, but they must be unloaded. Other states have no specific regulations at all!

Will a Tactical Gun Rack Protect My Firearm from Theft?

One of the most important aspects a vehicle gun rack should offer is security from falling into the wrong hands. If you keep a firearm in the car at all times for personal protection or because your career demands it, you must ensure someone can’t steal your firearm from your vehicle. Tufloc car gun storage racks are engineered with security in mind — they lock your firearm in place with high-security locks that must be opened with a key and deter tampering. Don’t let your firearms be the victim of a smash and grab; keep them safely in place with a Tufloc vehicle gun rack.

Will Car Gun Storage Racks Help Me Keep Better Track of My Firearms?

When it comes to keeping a firearm in your vehicle, organization is everything. Having your firearms shuffling around the floor or being obscured by your backseat is especially detrimental in a personal protection situation. With a Tufloc tactical gun rack, you can keep your firearms organized in your vehicle so you know where they are at all times and can efficiently access them when you need them the most.

Shop Tufloc For a Car or Truck Gun Rack Today

At Tufloc, we aim to provide every citizen with vehicle gun storage solutions specific to their own needs with our top-of-the-line vehicle gun racks. We’ve engineered all of our products, from our vehicle rifle mounts to our tactical gun racks, to be as functional, safe and secure as possible. Shop our selection today. We’re sure to have a car gun storage solution for your type of firearm and vehicle in stock and ready to ship to you. If you still have some questions about a specific gun holder for your car, truck or UTV, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our team of experts are always happy to help.


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