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Professional Gun Storage for Military & Police

Quick and Easy, One-Handed Operation.
Tufloc’s NEW gunlock accommodates virtually any make and model of gun. With its innovative design, the locking arms automatically adjust to a secure, custom fit when the gun is pressed into place.

When it comes to optimal gun storage solutions, Tufloc has the best selection of gun lockers for law enforcement, along with seat organizers, security drawers and police/military weapons racks for both vehicles and buildings. As a leading manufacturer of cutting-edge security products, our police and military gun storage equipment is capable of safely keeping powerful weapons contained for quick access in dire situations. Whether you're a deputy who utilizes a police gun rack for rifles or shotguns on the front lines, or you're a homeowner in need of gun storage for protection, we have excellent options for all types of defense. Browse our selection of military and law enforcement gun racks like our gun rack for wall and purchase today.

Gun Storage Solutions

When you need to keep your law enforcement or military firearms secure, you need to trust an industry leader to provide the solution. Tufloc is the number one name in gun storage solutions for law enforcement and military settings. 

We understand that ease of access and security are key factors when you’re considering purchasing a police gun rack or police shotgun mount. When seconds count, you need to be able to get to your firearm quickly. With Tufloc police shotgun racks and military gun storage, law enforcement officers and military personnel can easily remove their secured firearm from its lock so they can protect themselves and their communities.

Whether you need a military gun rack or a police rifle rack, Tufloc is your go-to source for all your law enforcement and military gun storage needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gun Storage

We know you probably have some questions about gun storage. We have the answers. We’ve gathered some of the most common questions we receive about gun storage and answered them for you here.

What Makes Tufloc Gun Storage Solutions Unique?

We have worked with hundreds of people from law enforcement agencies and military branches to better understand their gun storage needs. We have taken what they told us and put it into our new designs, so the products we offer more closely align with what law enforcement and military personnel need for gun storage solutions: military gun racks and police gun racks that keep firearms secure but easily accessible.

What Types of Gun Storage Options Do You Offer?

We have designed a line of products to meet your gun storage needs for both buildings and vehicles. Wherever you are, we want to keep your firearms safe and secure. Our gun storage options include:

Do You Offer Products Besides Gun Storage Solutions?

At Tufloc, we have developed a wide range of products to keep individuals and property safe. Besides gun storage, we also offer high-security locks to protect buildings, homes and vehicles.  We also offer TufBox security drawers for vehicles and ModuBox lockers and lockboxes; both designed to store and secure belongings.

Trust Tufloc For Your Gun Storage Needs

Whether you need gun storage solutions for a law enforcement or military vehicle or building, Tufloc has you covered. We build products designed to keep your firearms secure and easily accessible. If you have questions or want to find out more about Tufloc products, contact our team of gun storage experts.

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