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Gun Storage & Racks for Business and Residential

Shotgun, rifle, and handgun gun racks and accessories.
Find the Tufloc® product that will help provide the solution you need.

Gun Storage Racks for Buildings

If you're searching for high-quality gun racks for your building or a gun holder for car storage, Tufloc is your destination. We offer a great selection of weapons racks including a fingerprint gun lock to keep your home or business protected. Whether you're interested in a gun wall rack system that holds multiple firearms or simply need to store one rifle, all of our heavy-duty gun racks for wall mounting will safely keep your firearms in place. We have gun racks for sale that can store M14, M2, AR15 rifles, standard shotguns and handguns. We also sell gun storage accessories such as briefcase boxes and custom pockets in addition to our wall mount gun rack selection. When you need to take preventative measures to ensure the safety of your family, employees or building occupants, trust in the durability and reliability of a lockable gun rack from Tufloc. Browse our gun storage racks and order now!


Weapons can be crucial for residential and business safety. Still, they can become a liability without proper gun racks or storage boxes, especially if they make it into the wrong hands. Whether your business demands proper storage and mounting options or you simply want a better way to mount your weapons in your own home, Tufloc has the best storage accessories and gun racks for sale. Our gun racks are precision-designed to keep your home safe with quick access to your weapon when you need it and security when you don’t. Proudly manufactured in the USA, Tufloc wall mount locking gun racks and storage accessories are made from the highest quality components. To learn about our weapons racks and what they can do for you, keep reading.

Military Weapons Rack Solution

Where Can You Mount Your Business & Residential Gun Racks?

At Tufloc, we’ve designed our products as both free-standing and wall-mounted gun rack systems. Based on the gun rack you decide to purchase, you’ll be able to install it mounted on a wall for easy access, or have it secured on the floor – whichever is easiest for you. Our business and residential gun racks are perfect for:

  • Residential Houses
  • Hunting Lodges
  • Park Ranger Headquarters
  • Gun Clubs
  • Shooting Ranges
  • Zoos
  • And More!


Tufloc gun racks for wall storage have set the gold standard for securely mounting your weapons for your residence or business. We offer gun racks and storage solutions based on your preferred needs and weapons. We have everything from locking gun racks for rifles to quad racks for handguns. Each product is made of highly durable American steel for quality that will last you a lifetime.

How Do Tufloc Gun Racks Lock?

Your gun wall rack system will be able to properly lock your gun into place with our proprietary lock system featuring Medeco® Cylinders. These locks are easy to operate in a pinch and feature tamper-proof technology, so your weapon remains ready when you need it the most and stays out of the wrong hands. We offer this high-security locking system for all of our gun racks that mount to the walls of residential homes and businesses, including our Quad Rack.

What Is The X-Lock Gun Rack?

The X-Lock Gun Rack is one of the top residential locking gun racks on the market, outfitted with the very best technology we have to offer. Our X-Lock gun racks have been specifically engineered and manufactured with high-strength stainless steel arms for keeping your weapon in place and aircraft-grade aluminum to achieve a precise tolerance. This weapons rack can accommodate a wide range of long guns, including rifles, snipers and shotguns. With a secure and open display, the X-Lock weapons rack offers immediate access for when you need it, but a tamper-proof, keyed lock system for maximum safety. You can even opt to purchase this wall-mounted gun rack with a fingerprint scanner for even more security. .

What Is The Best Type of Lockbox For Me?

At Tufloc, we offer more than just gun storage racks for easy access. We also have a wide selection of gun lockboxes and lockers available if you’re looking for the highest security possible. We carry everything from small wall lockers and portable lockboxes to stackable storage lockers meant to stay in one area. Each comes fully padded to protect your weapons and is constructed with heavy-gauge, powder-coated steel. Depending on where you’ll be keeping your weapons and the level of security you need, you can choose a wall mount gun rack for quicker access or a storage locker for concealment. .

Gun Storage Locker

Shop Tufloc For Trusted Business & Residential Wall Mount Gun Racks

At Tufloc, we aim to help make every American feel protected and safe within their own home or business with our top-of-the-line gun racks. With secure gun racks for walls, you’re able to proudly display your weapons and have direct access to them while eliminating the possibility of them falling into the wrong hands. We’ve specifically designed our gun racks to be as functional as possible; shop today to see for yourself. If you have any questions about our gun racks, feel free to contact us. The experts at Tufloc are ready to assist you with whatever you may need.

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