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Firearm visibility can pose a security threat in small public buildings. That’s why police department personnel need discreet gun storage solutions. But many small police departments don’t have adequate space to have a separate room for storing firearms. So what’s the best discreet storage solution to help law enforcement personnel conceal guns?

In this article, we’ll take a look at reasons why small police departments need more discreet gun storage solutions like lockboxes and police gun lockers, and also the benefit of Tufloc’s storage solutions for small police departments.

Added Security for Small Police Departments

With some small police departments dealing with very limited space, it’s extra important for them to have discreet gun storage options for added security. Having firearms secured but still in view may not be the best option in situations like this. Gun lockers for law enforcement and discreet gun safes are excellent options for police departments who can’t have a designated gun storage room and want to keep their firearms hidden from public view.

Configurable Discreet Gun Storage for Unique Situations

If your department doesn’t have a whole room you can designate for firearm storage, you need discreet gun storage solutions that can easily fit in every corner or small space you have available.

Your unique space limitations are no challenge for Tufloc. Our gun lockboxes and lockers come in a variety of sizes and designs to accommodate your small police department’s unique requirements. They can easily be stacked in many configurations and come in free-standing, in-wall or on-desk mounting options.

Discover the Difference Tufloc Discreet Gun Storage Solutions Can Make

As a leading manufacturer of firearm security products, Tufloc is the go-to source for law enforcement agencies. We understand your unique needs for security, durability and accessibility and have crafted our products to meet those needs.Tufloc offers a wide range of options for discreet storage, including police gun lockers and police gun safes. Our discreet gun storage solutions can help your police department safely and effectively store and conceal guns out of sight, but readily available when you need them.

If you have any questions, please contact our team at any time.
We are always ready to help you find the right discreet gun storage solutions.

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