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When keeping guns in the home, either for personal protection or general storage, you must ensure that your guns are correctly and safely secured when you’re not taking them out on a hunting excursion or to the range. Taking precautions when keeping guns is of the utmost importance, particularly to those with children and adolescents at home. At the same time, you’ll still want an option that allows you easy access should an emergency arise. At Tufloc, gun storage is our specialty. That’s why we’ve come up with an essential equipment guide for safe gun storage in the home. To learn more about gun storage that will help keep you and your family safe, keep reading.

Utilize Trigger Locks for Home Gun Safety

If you’re not willing to invest in a gun locker or safe, gun safety locks, like trigger locks, are a simple and efficient method for preventing a gun from being loaded or fired by an unauthorized user. These are best used in situations where one doesn’t have to worry about a child being in the home and instead is worried about a possible break-in where an intruder may find the gun before you can.

Manufacturers have begun selling firearms with gun safety locks already in the box, but you can purchase them separately for as low as $20. Basic trigger locks clamp around the trigger or trigger housing to prevent manipulation. However, because these devices directly contact the trigger, safe gun storage dictates they should never be installed on loaded guns. Cable locks are another form of trigger lock – they block the firearm’s action, preventing it from being closed on rifles and shotguns. When used on semi-automatic pistols, they can also prevent a magazine from being loaded into the grip.

Trigger locks effectively prevent guns from being fired, whether on accident or purposely, by an intruder. However, they still do not offer any physical protection for the firearm or theft deterrence.

Gun Cases: An Upgrade in Firearm Storage

Hard gun cases can be locked with either a padlock, a key lock or a combination lock. Compared to a trigger lock, a gun case is a significant upgrade for rifle and pistol storage. These home gun safety tools can prevent unauthorized access to your firearm while also ensuring that you have it close at hand should something happen. Some owners may choose to keep their gun case in their closet or under the bed, but you can also install a hidden one anywhere in the home. Quality gun cases are an affordable, portable and easy way to store guns. They’re a convenient, safe gun storage method and a big step up from throwing a bare gun into the drawer of your nightstand. Kids are smarter than you think, so while a trigger lock may prevent them from firing a gun, it won’t stop them from accessing it. A locking rifle case or pistol case can keep children and intruders from handling your firearm without your permission.

Locking Steel Gun Cabinets for Firearm Storage

We’ve already established that for safety, a firearm should be stored in locking gun storage equipment. If you keep the keys on you at all times, you eliminate the possibility of family members or intruders gaining access to your guns. Lightweight steel gun cabinets make for a great alternative to expensive, bulky gun safes. They also offer more firearm storage than a simple case. If you own more than one firearm, they make for an excellent home gun safety option. In addition to this, this form of firearm storage is light enough to be moved safely up and downstairs by just one or two people. They are perfect for any room in the house and can even be used in apartment buildings where a gun safe would be too large or heavy to install.

Locking Gun Racks: Home Gun Safety Right on Display

At first glance, a gun rack might not seem like the best option for home gun safety. However, some people can’t help but display their firearms with pride. Thankfully, modern gun storage innovations have caught up to their case and cabinet counterparts, and locking gun racks can still be an effective and safe option for keeping firearms out of the grasp of unwanted hands. Products like the X-Lock Gun Rack are outfitted with the best technology available on the market to ensure safe firearm storage. These gun racks can be installed on any wall in the house – for those with young children, it’s still good to keep them high up and out of reach. Tamper-proof keyed lock systems will ensure that even if someone does try to grab it, they will be unable to free it from the rack. You can even add a fingerprint scanner for maximum security. When you own a gun, safe storage may be your biggest concern, but you still want easy access in case of an emergency. With locking gun racks, that easy access is taken to the next level without compromising safety concerns.

Shop Tufloc for Your Home Gun Safety Needs

At Tufloc, we have plenty of options to fit your specific needs and concerns regarding safe gun storage. Whether you need an easy option for keeping one gun safe at hand, require multiple firearm storage solutions or don’t want to compromise having your firearms on display, we can help you find the equipment that can help. If you have any questions about our residential gun storage solutions, feel free to contact us. Our team of home gun safety experts is always standing by.

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